Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 70 - SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - February 1, 2016 - Surpresas!


Wow, this week has been a crazy one.  So we are in a trio, and we will stay a trio for my last transfer!  I could not believe it! We get along so well, and it is awesome to have another companion to help support, cheer-up, laugh with, and teach with! Poor thing, Sister Swindler will have to deal with me until the end :) It is the first time I have stayed with a companion for 3 transfers!  Sister Sabrina is from Rondônia, way up in the north parts of Brasil.  She is so funny, and practically passes for an American.  I was her sister leader in Mogi das Cruzes, so I have known her for a while.  She will go home one tansfer after me.  We will work good n' hard all day, every day to not get trunky ;) SIX WEEKS!!

Well these past few days were a rollercoaster.  I have never been so emotionally attatched to the work or to my investigators.  So, C is the mother-in-law of Presidente Mauri. Dad baptized his family 29 yrs ago.  Sorry if there was some confusion about that.  I love her so much.  We were able to have a great lesson with her and an Irmã from the ward.  We taught about the temples, and family history work.  Irmã Tatiana shared an experience, and the spirit was so strong.  She finally felt great about her baptism on Sunday the 31st!  But while I was on exchanges in Morumbi with the sister leaders, Presidente Mauri texted us saying that she wanted to be baptized after Carnaval!  What?!  So, she had talked with one of her daughters and her daughter got her confused, and anxious, and nervous for her baptism.  Summing it up, we talked with her personally and it did not go over well.  We were trying to help her understand the importance of the covenant, but she ended up getting more stressed and worried.  I have never prayed so much for an investigator.  We tried our best to teach correct principles, show her love, and seek God's will through the spirit.  Really I turned to my faith in Jesus Christ.  I knew that He would take care of her, and the other investigators.  It is His great work.  He knows exactly what He is doing.  So, we went to church with hopeful hearts, but she did not show up... I still knew that the Lord would not let her fall.  When we clapped at the front of her home, I saw that she was watching BYU-TV!!  What a blessing that Irmã Tatiana told her about it!!  I know that the Lord answers our prayers in perfect ways.  I just need to trust in Him!  

I have never been more aware of the urgency to preach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes it is hard for me to balance my anxiousness to help others, my own strengths, weaknesses, and the free agency of others in this great work. Every day the spirit teaches me of things that I need to change, and things that I am doing well.  He needs to be my constant companion.  He is the Master Teacher along with our Savior Jesus Christ.  Without the constant peace, love and hope that I feel in my heart because of Holy Ghost, I would not be able to do anything here.  I am so grateful for a merciful Heavenly Father that lets me know that I am His daughter.  I am so blessed.  

We will be cleaning up our teaching pool this week. So many people do not want to change or show their faith through sacrifice.  BUT, I know that there are still those who are prepared!!  ONWARD EVER ONWARD Elder Cordner!  I love you all and I hope all of this makes sense!!  Pray for new people!! Amo todos vocês!!  


Sister Cordner xoxo

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