Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 71 - SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - February 8, 2016 - CARNAVAL!

So who's ready for CARNAVAL?!!  Everyone is so drunk here!  It is crazy.  Do not worry though because we are very careful!  This week has been a busy one!  

C is so excited for her baptism.  She is the most prepared investigator that I have taught.  Saturday night she will be baptized!  I am so happy!  I feel and I know that we needed to be here to be able to teach her.  In her home there are only women, so the elders would have had a lot of dificulty teaching her!  But, she is reading the Book of Mormon, and the Liahona every single day.  Presidente Amauri will baptize her and she´ll be confirmed as well on Sunday :)

Thursday morning we were having a great study, us three all together, when suddenly Sister Johnson called (MSTL) and said that we were the sister leaders for our zone and the zone Itaquaquecetuba... WOW!  So, we had to run. There would be a leadership conference Friday morning all the way in São Paulo!  So we packed our back packs, ran to the bus station and bought our tickets.  It takes three hours by bus and metro to get to Belém, and after getting lost quite a few times, without cell phone signal, we finally found the other sisters.  It was an adventure!  It was a miracle I was able to keep calm through it all. I am a new frenzy Kenzie!  What an experience the conference was.  The theme was SERVICE.  Jesus Christ lived by serving, teaching, serving, teaching, showing by example, serving, teaching.  We need to do the same.  We are here on the Lord´s errand.  He would serve all within His reach: members, strangers, investigators, less-actives, EVERYONE!  I left with a bursting desire to look for opportunities to serve.  How I want to be like Him!  My deepest desire, as my brother expressed in his email, is to do His will.  Nothing else.  I pray that I have been a useful servant here in Brasil.  And I pray that I will be able to continue serving all around me when my time is up.  These patterns of service I will carry with me throughout my life.  

So, this weekend we have been trying to look for these opportunities.  Last night, while walking home on an empty street (everyone goes to São Paulo for Carnaval) we saw a sweet little family that we have met before.  They have a flip-flop store and they were moving to another shop.  So we stopped to help them put up the sandals!  It was so much fun to see how happy they were.  They were so tired from working all day and were so relieved to have everything done!  So we left them with great, big smiles and the idea to go back this week to pick up their address.  They have good memories of the elders that always bought flip-flops, so that's good!  We are also teaching a guy named E how to speak English.  He is a great guy, with a lot of addictions, but it is so much fun to serve! 

When mom and dad come in March they need to meet Irmã Josy.  She is amazing.  She has pretty much introduced us to her entire neighborhood.  She cries as she bears her testimony in our lessons, and has recently brought a young family to know the gospel.  A and A are not married but are so open to hear our message.  A is so excited to go to our ward activity on Friday, and Irmã Josy is such a baptizing animal.  She just wants everyone to have the same blessings she has!  She really is so tiny, and so wild, but we love her so much :)

I love President and Sister Silcox so much.  I cannot even begin to describe what they have done for our mission.  They are amazing disciples of Christ sent to bless all of us missionaries.  Thank you all for the emails and I just want to say one more thing that is so important. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TWINS!! I cannot believe that they are almost 17!!! WHAT?????  So wierd.  Love you guys so much :)  Send lots of pictures :)  Tchau!

Sister Cordner xoxo

The Trio!

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