Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 73 - SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - February 22, 2016 - EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

It has been a great week!  I have been enjoying every minute, and it is such an awesome experience to work with my two wonderful companions.  I love them.  This week so many crazy, wierd things happened. I do not have much time so I will make a list I think...

- We are teaching a man named S.  He has for sure killed a few people, been to jail, and sold drugs for many years... yeah.  But he went to church on Sunday!!  He was all ready and happy when we picked him up at his mom's house.  We will have to see how much he really wants to change... and we will have to talk to Presidnet Silcox as well... yikes!

- During one of our lessons this week with two young girls, their cat started to give birth to kittens, right in the middle of the room. Yeah, it was so aweful!  I swear everything that can happen happens during the first lesson.  It really did not surprise me.  

- We were able to do an exchange with an awesome companionship that works in Morumbi.  It really was an amazing experience.  They have been dealing with lots of problems between the two and their relationship, but we were able to have a great talk with them about the love of Christ, our responsibilities as missionaries and the sacrifices we make to be more like Him.  Really this is our main goal, to be the best representatives we can be of our Savior Jesus Christ.  How I strive and want to be like Him.

- Now we are taking care of two areas!!  We are working a few days of the week in Vila Ema that is also so huge!!  The sisters that were working there had to leave... so we have a few investigators far far away.  There is an AMAZING Irmã in the ward that helps us, driving us around the neighborhoods that we don't know.  She is a recent convert, six months, and is such an incredible person.  Sister Bundy taught her, and it was so great to get to know her.  The neighborhoods in Vila Ema are so wealthy, it was really cool to get to know a different side of the city.  

We are really excited to work with F and B this week, help them accept a baptismal date, and get to church again this Sunday.  Pray that their hearts will be touched.  Pray that they can feel the spirit in our lessons with them.  

I testify that it is through the small and simple things that great miracles are brought to pass.  This week during lunch with a dear member, she began to cry and share how grateful she was for something I said weeks ago during our message for her.  I did not even remember that I had said what she remembered, but it touched her heart.  A lot of the time we will not know the influence we have over our brothers and sisters, but as we strive to be a worthy instrument in His hands, always working to have the Holy Ghost with us, He will use us.  I feel Him using me often and this is my greatest joy on my mission, as Alma says in Chapter 29.  I do not glory in myself because I am nothing, but I glory in the calling He has given me, the strength, the power and the experiences He has given me.  It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  I know He lives, and He loves us.  Let us all try to be a little bit more like Him.  

Sister Cordner xoxo 

Cicero:)  She loves us. Cícera has our hearts and all of our patience... the day she gets baptized, I will buy my plane
ticket and I will be the first one to hug her :)  Ever since we got here we have been teaching her...

Deep in the jungle.  Sometimes it just is not our day and we walked forever to see a waterfall,
and it was closed... "come back next time"  Not even the rain could ruin our day today :)


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