Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 47 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - August 24, 2015

Hello family and friends!!

I am grateful for the opportunity to sit down, ponder about the week that passed by and try my best to put what I learned into words for you all!!  First of all, thank you all for the emails!  The Holy Ghost truly inspires you all with what I need to hear!  Now that Mitch is off to Perth, my mom is 50 and I will be 20 this week I am a very happy missionary!!

I had the privilege of cleaning another one of the Elder's homes this week.  Suzano closed and opened with Sisters!!  When I arrived here in Mogi das Cruzes there were 18 elders and 2 sisters.  Now most of the zone is sisters.  It is a lot different!  Never again will I clean an elder's was seriously worse than the other. 

We also had a zone conference this week with President Silcox, and his lovely wife.  They are amazing.  I have no words!!  They have made a big change in our mission.  Obedience is the sacrifice we make to see miracles.  "When ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  This is true!

I have been able to see the simple and beautiful experiences this week with the spirit.  As we were walking to Bishop's house to eat lunch, we stopped by the home of a referral we received weeks ago.  Whenever we go there, she's never there!  But she was sweeping there in the front.  We taught quickly a bit of the restoration and left her with a Book of Mormon to read and pray. As we walked away Sister Pereira was able to feel the spirit very strongly.  She told me that it was the first time she was given words to say and was strengthened by her own testimony.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  To feel the spirit we do not need to have elaborate experiences that change our lives.  Sometimes we just need to recognize the peace we feel, the love we have for someone, or a simple truth that we are grateful for.  God shows His love for us through small and simple ways.  Here a little and there a little.  Line up on line, precept upon precept.  Every single day we have to look for these moments that we see His hand in our lives.  Here in Jundiapeba He has tested my patience, diligence and faith more than in my entire life.  I will never give up.  I know in whom I trust.  He is my God, my Father and everything I am.  I will do my best to be a clean vessel, a hard worker and a worthy servant.  This is His work.  We can not know the future.  Our vision is limited, but He is all knowing.  Oh how I am grateful for this simple truth.  This week we arrived home and I was being tormented by my own weaknesses, my mistakes and worries. I opened the Liahona randomly and in big letters read PACIÊNCIA. What a clear-cut answer.  I have learned that patience is much more than waiting, but doing all we can, never losing confidence or trust in the Lord, and going forward with great faith.  

This week Sister Pereira and I have felt that we need to work on the opposite side of the city.  When the Spirit talks, we follow!!  We will be doing a lot of contacts, knocking doors and asking for references!  I am very excited for our new start!!  I love you all and I hope this next week will be a great one!

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo

Please pray for:

Rosana and Jardel (that they can receive an answer and accept baptism)

Priscila and Alberto (that we catch them together and at home!)

That we can find those who are ready and willing to change and accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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