Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 45 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - August 10, 2015

Hello family and friends!!!!  I hope you are all doing well!!

This week has been so amazing!!  We have been able to see a few sparks of light starting in a few of our investigators and I am so excited!  The only problem is the lack of wanting to go to church!!  But this week is ward conference and we will invite all of Jundiapeba.  I will be expecting about two million people on Sunday.  

We are working with beautiful little family that we love!  R was a contact we made on the street.  She was smiling so big at us and I saw such a light in her eyes that I had to talk to her!  She has already been to church, and knows a few members... BINGO.  She is married (miracle), and they have two great kids.  She reads everything we leave with her to read and she is very excited about learning!!  We are very excited to take them to church on Sunday!!  I am feeling good about this one!!

M is a 22 year old man and is awesome.  He is very smart and loves his Heavenly Father so much.  He is very spiritual and very thoughtful.  We are teaching him with another young man in our ward.  I have been praying my guts out that he will lose his futebol game on Sunday so that he can go to church.  IT WILL HAPPEN.  

Well Family, I love this work, I love being here.  I am so excited for Mitch to start his journey on Wednesday!!  Everyone give him a big hug and a big kiss for me! 

I am about ready to shut down the two churches we live next to.  I wake up to the screaming and crying of a congregation every single night.  You'd think I'd get used to it!

So there is a woman that lives in our neighborhood, and she goes around screaming at everyone.  I do not even know what she says, but it is really sad.  Her little boy gets dragged around all day and is always in the same clothes always with a frown on his face.  I hate to see them because I cannot stand to see him so miserable. I always pray for him.  This week we walked by them and she was a little calmer than usual.  We were able to give him an extra juice-box and cookies we had in our bags.  I ruffled his hair a little and I hugged his troubled mother and kissed her face.  She was so happy thanking us with all her heart.  He grabbed the juice-box so quickly and I know he was very grateful.  I do not know why but I felt so much love from our Heavenly Father in this moment.  He loves every one of us so much.  We can

not even imagine how much He loves us.  How can we show our love to Him?

I hope you all have a great week!!  GOOD LUCK BIG MITCH!!  

Sister Cordner xoxo

Munk (Monk)

Macacos (Monkeys)

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