Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 46 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - August 17, 2015 Milagres são reais.

Hello my family of five at home now and Elder Cordner in the MTC!!  Wow I am so excited and I am strengthened to know I have my brother working with me as a missionary.  I am just so grateful!  I know he will be successful!!! I can not wait to see his email next week!!

This week has been amazing!  I have learned so many things and there is so much to share!!  Well last Sunday at church an old man gave us two addresses to visit.  Awesome.  I did not have high expectations but I thought wrongly that the referrals wouldn't be that great.  WOW!  How bad of me to judge!!  I was on a division with a Sister fresh from the States and we could not find the first house, so we decided to look for the other.  At the end of a dirt road was a huge grey garage door.  We clapped and an amazing family opened their door and their hearts.  A and P with their two daughters are a beautiful family.  Their daughters have the most beautiful dark skin and big green eyes!!  Brazilians are beautiful.  Our first lesson with them was simple and powerful.  They understood the importance of the Book of Mormon and decided that they are interested in getting to know more about the church!  How I am so grateful for the inspired elderly brother in our ward that talked to a worker at the gas station!!  Our Heavenly Father works in interesting ways.  When we walked away I felt so strongly that they are such a special family.  I have met them before.  I see so much light in their eyes!!  

R and her son S went to church yesterday!!  The ward conference was awesome and was focused on Christ.  R is progressing very well and is so willing to obey.  She is working on not drinking coffee and is very excited about learning!  

We also taught M this week with a future missionary named W from the ward.  Okay, he is amazing.  Last minute I felt strongly that we shouldn't teach the Plan of Salvation, but that we needed to help him understand the importance of receiving an answer.  We watched the Restoration film and read Moroni's promise.  W bore strong testimony and shared his experience of gaining an answer.  I am so grateful for the members that help us in the lessons!!  The spirit teaches through small and simple words, that's for sure.  OH YEAH... He lost his futebol game!!!!!  I knew he would lose!!!  But still he played at 11, could have gone to sacrament mtg. but did not wake up!!  But.... he lost....God heard my prayers!!

This week I was reading about the great examples of Mighty Prayer in the Book of Mormon.  Enos, the sons of Mosiah, Alma (the father) and of course Joseph Smith.  I read this verse in D&C and it penetrated my heart:

24 Behold, I say unto him, he exalts himself and does not humble himself sufficiently before me; but if he will bow down before me, and humble himself in mighty prayer and faith, in the sincerity of his heart, then will I grant unto him a view of the things which he desires to see.  

I desire more than anything in the world to help A, P, their daughters, R and her family, and M to receive the blessings of the gospel.  I desire to see them change, see the miracle of the Atonement in their lives.  I can not explain how much I want this!  I read this verse and I needed to pray with all of my heart and soul.  I have never felt such a desire to pray and plead for the Lord to help me help them.  It felt like the desire filled every inch of my body.  As I pleaded with my Heavenly Father, I prayed for the Holy Ghost when I teach, I prayed that they would keep the commitments, go to church, feel the Spirit, make friends with the members.  I prayed for everything they would need and with all the energy of my heart.  I felt so much love from my Heavenly Father for them.  He loves them so much, and will take care of them and their needs.  He wants so badly that they have their gospel in their lives as well.  It was such an amazing experience for me.  I know that the Lord can do all things.  But, also I felt that everything depends on my obedience and my diligence.  

I am so excited to work this week and to see the hand of the Lord in every moment!  Please pray for my companion.  The mission is so difficult in the beginning!!  Pray for these amazing people as well. They will be starting a battle to the baptismal font!!  Pray that I will be able to know what to say and how to help them!  Thank you for your constant prayers and thoughts.  I am so blessed to have a family and many friends that support me so amazingly!!  Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo

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