Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 53 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - October 5, 2015

Óla todo mundo!!  It sounds like all of you are doing just great, and the missionaries too!! I am so happy for Elder Cordner!! Big changes call for great learning!! 

I have a new companion and she is amazing!!  We arrived here in the mission field together 11 months ago, and she also trained these last 2 transfers. Sister Freitas is from Bela Horizante, Minas Gerais.  She is so cute, so happy and a killer missionary.  We are the sister leaders here in Mogi and Itaquaquecetuba.  There are so many great sisters that we get to work with.  I am so excited to learn so much!!

Wasn't general conference amazing?!  Finally I was able to understand the talks and really have some great questions answered and in Português!  For a few weeks I have been thinking about  what I wanted answered and the Lord really did answer my prayers.  The part that I learned from the most was the testimony of our beloved prophet, Thomas S. Monson.  As he was testifying, he was with all of his heart and soul.  He is a  witness of Jesus Christ.  I felt a powerful feeling burning in my chest testifying to me that he was telling the truth.  He knows and he will testify til the end of his life that Jesus is the Christ.  I am so grateful for the special testimony that the Lord gave me. 

Well, our great friend E was not baptized, again, yesterday.  He had traveled without telling anyone of us with his wife, and got back after the first session on Sunday.  We headed to his house yesterday to find out what in the world he was thinking.  When we got there, we were able to teach an amazing lesson and explain more fully the Plan of Salvation, and really WHY he needs to be baptized.  We were still feeling a little strange and we felt like there was something he wasn't telling us.  It is so funny, because it is just like a child hiding something he has done.  He finally said that he drank a beer on the trip and  that he was feeling so guilty.  We were able to explain to him about the Holy Ghost and his role and how he will help him after his baptism.  He is so excited and we are using all our patience to help him again to the baptism font.  Christ is so patient with us, how much more we need to be patient with others :)  

J is such a GOLDEN investigator.  She was the one that got her less-active husband up on sunday and the kids and dragged them to church.  Her daughter A wants to be baptized  and she wants to help her as well.  We told J that we wanted to help her and her daughter to be baptized on the same day and she accepted!!! She is so funny and has such a light in her eyes and a heart wide open :)

G went to conference yesterday and she loved it! She has read the Book of Mormon and prayed. She also has recieved an answer!  There are so many blessings we are seeing every day!  I feel so much gratitude every single day on my mission.  I am learning so much from the scriptures and from the experiences I am having. The Lord is blessing us so much.  I cannot believe how lucky I am to have this gospel in my life.  I love you all!!!

Sister Cordner xoxo

btw... I totally biffed it at the train station.  I was on the escalator with the luggage in the front.  It did not go and fell.  I fell on top of it and thought I broke my leg for a few minutes! haha but all is well in Zion.

My first convert in the mission at general conference!!  
She is strong in the church and her brother will be baptized on Sunday!!  

A funny sign of a cancelled baptism we found on the street because of a rain storm... we NEVER cancel our baptisms!!

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