Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 52 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - September 28, 2015 - I think I'll stay one more transfer :)

Agua de Coco!

Well family, it has been a wonderful week here in Jundiapeba, and I think I'll just stay here for another 6 weeks :)  Woohoo!  I was not transferred!  My companion is a little scared to cut the umbilical cord and get sent away, but I know for certain that she will love her new area and new companion!  Changes are great and are just what we need to grow.

Where to many things happened this week!  We have had a lot of dissapointing moments that led up to an amazing Sunday.  First of all, we were able to sit down with A, M, and daughter, Ar, in the beginning of the week.  The lesson was going smoothly until we invited Ar to be baptized.  M, her mother, got a wild look in her eyes and told us that we could never come back because she believes in only one baptism and Ar had already been baptized in another church.  Okay, we tried our very best to explain to her about authority and how Christ's baptism was...but she just would not have it.  The saddest part is how much Ar has changed.  She was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and she was so excited.  A was also very excited about the changes he was seeing in his daughter.  For now we will not be able to visit them, but the Lord will provide a way one day.

Second, E (dream guy) picked up an infection in his intestines this weekend.  He has not stopped drinking coffee one hundred percent and needs a little more time to be more prepared.  But, I am so grateful that I will stay here for at least one more transfer to be able to see the end of the story!!  I know he has such a desire to change and be better.  

A lot of our appointments fell through this week and we have had to cut a few of our investigators, but you know what?!  The Lord knows what he is doing.  His timing is perfect and everything will turn out just fine in the end.  We have a lot of new people to teach and it will just be great!  I hope my new companion is ready to work!!

I have such a desire to be a missionary that exercises more faith, and sees more miracles.  I have been praying to be able to be a part of and witness the conversion of an investigator.  I don't know, I feel like this transfer will be different.  I want to totally give all of my hope and faith and prayers and work to the Lord.  I want to see the amazing things that I know He can do.  I know that my work here is not finished.  I have been praying to stay here, because I just feel like my work here would not be complete if I had to leave tomorrow.  I am just so grateful for the extra time He has given me.  

So many less-active members and totally inactive members showed up yesterday at church.  One of them, G, brought his wife, J, that we had lost hope in for some time.  But he had not lost hope.  I see so clearly how much he wants that she accepts the gospel.  It was so great to see them together in the sacrament meeting all together as a family.  I cannot even explain how many people there are to work with this next transfer.  I cannot wait!  Please pray that the Lord will prepare our path.  That we can receive the revelation that we need and that we can make the changes that need to be made.  Faith will be my focus on this new chapter of my mission.  This is HIS work, and not mine. The General women´s meeting was just amazing.  I love to see all of the beautiful daughters of God in the choir.  I was able to feel God's love for His daughters and I am so excited for General Conference.  I already have all of my questions ready to be answered.  Have a great week everyone and have a great conference weekend!!  Eat lots of ebilskeivers for me!! (if that is how you spell it!)

Sister Cordner xoxo

My companion made 3 months on the mission!!  WOOHOO!

A beautiful lettuce field.  Sometimes we have to walk through the most beautiful 
farm fields to get to our appointments :)

Sister bonding with facial masks???

Mamão is just such a great fruit.  

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