Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 49 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - September 8, 2015

Well hello my beautiful people!!  I am so happy to be writing you all after a week well spent and a lot of rain!!  I do not have a lot of time, but I have a few stories to share with you all!  

Last week we received a reference from the President of the Elder's Quorum.  He said that a man entered into the chapel while they were cleaning on Saturday and he asked him how he could be a member of the church... MIRACLE.  We were able to teach him and his family this week and he came to church on Sunday!!  In his home we were able to see how much they need the gospel!  He shared with us a very special experience.  Before he moved to Jundiapeba he had a dream with the steeple of the chapel and when he saw the steeple on Saturday morning, he knew he needed to be a member of the church.  When he asked Ronaldo what type of church it was, he said that it is the Church of Jesus Christ.  He knew it was true.  We taught him the first lesson and he got very excited about the Book of Mormon.  He explained that his grandfather always talked about a book that would come.  It would be another testament.  It would not be the new or old testament, but another- different testament.  We felt the spirit so strongly and I knew that he would accept baptism.  On the 20th of September he will be baptized!  His family has some hard things.  But the Lord knows exactly how we can help him.  What a miracle he is for us and our area.  I am just so grateful!!  

It sounds like all of you are doing well!!  Elder Cordner is workin hard in the Outback, and man I am so proud of him!!  I love you all so much!!

Let us all remember His grace.  We are nothing without Him.  I know He lives.  He loves us.  

Love, Sister Cordner xoxoxoxoxooxox

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