Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 51 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - September 21, 2015 - Every knee will bow and every tongue confess!!

BOA TARDE minha família!!! 

There is just so much to say, and such little time!!  It sounds like Elder Cordner is doing great, and is having so many experiences!!  I would love to just spend one day together in this wonderful work :) It would be awesome!

So I am pretty sure my innards are cooked from this week of pure SUN.  But, you can all relax because I put on sun screen two or three times a day!  

We have been working wonderfully together as a trio, and I am pretty sure I have not worked so hard in my whole mission.  It is so great!!  My calf muscles have increased tremendously :)  

It is so funny that of all the people we invite to come to church througout the week, the most wild ones always come.  Yesterday a man we talked to showed up so drunk at church shouting at everyone that he needed to talk to the American girl with green eyes.  QUE MEDO!!  He was saying the most strange things and I felt so bad that he just ruined the Elders Quorum lesson.  But.... we never know the plan of the Lord, maybe He led his troubled son to his church :)  

E is progressing wonderfully.  He is so excited to learn, and even though he does not know how to read, he and his son are reading daily together.  His baptism will be this Sunday!!  We will have to take care of him with our lives this week.

Even though this work is so tiring, and sometimes I feel like I'll pass out from heat-stroke on the side of the road, I LOVE IT.  I love to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love to meet and talk with every one that I can. There are so many amazing people in this world!

This week we got a referral from a member that lives in Mogi Centro.  A and M are the parents of an 18 year old girl named Ar and V, the cutest little girl (she looks exactly like Boo from Monster's Inc.) Well, this family is super amazing.  Ar wants to change her life of drugs and homosexuality... so hard. But, she wants to be baptized and start a new life!  She is excited to read the Livro de Mórmon.  Her mom, M wants to get married and be baptized.  She knows that she "needs to prepare for the second coming" (her own words :)).  A is such a patient father.  He has been so hurt from the bad decisons his daughter has made, but he loves her so much.  None of them went to church yesterday because the girls went to town, and he had to watch futebol on the TV (soccer is such an addiction here haha!)... but next sunday will be so great :)  It is so funny how right when things start to pick up in the area... you have got to go.... I know I have so much more to learn in the next months and I am so excited to work with all my heart, might, mind and strength. On Sunday we will know who will leave Jundiapeba, and if it's me, I will be so sad.  You guys do not even know how much I love this place.  I love it here so much, because of how much I have learned, the wonderful members, and all of the amazing experiences I have had.  

I am so grateful for my Patriarchal Blessing.  This morning I studied every single line.  Our Heavenly Father is amazing.  He is so loving that He gives each one of us a special personal letter to help us on this journey.  I feel His love for me daily and I know I feel His love for the people here as well.  I love you all so much, and I hope it will be a great week!!  Thank you all for the emails.  They always make me smile :)

Sister Cordner xoxo

This is the Stake Patriarch and his wife.  They are absolutely amazing.  They live in the middle of nowhere and give us a ride to their house when we eat with them and their daughter. The drive is absolutely dreamy and their home is the cutest thing. 

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