Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 37 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - June 15, 2015

Bom dia família!  I hope that your week was just wonderful in the beautiful Utah sunshine!  Here it is getting pretty chilly and I feel like it should be Christmas!  Weird!!  We have many great people that we are working with and that are progressing!  I will write a little bit about each of them:

L is an amazing man.  He is 22 years old and will be married with his girlfriend on Saturday who is already a member!  They have two beautiful children and are very excited about the gospel.  They are reading the scriptures daily together and I can just see the change that they have made in their eyes!!  The members are really welcoming them into the ward family.  I am just so grateful that they have finally found happiness!  He will be baptized this Sunday!  

His niece R will be baptized as well!!  Her story is a little funny.  She lives with her great grandmother because her mom is a big partier and is not even in her life.  Her great grandma loooooves us.  Even though she does not go to church and does not want anything for herself, she is so supportive of R!  Blessing!!  R, these past weeks, has been battling baptism in her mind. She tells us that she does not want to be baptized but after our lessons with her, she just does not know what to do!  It is a big choice for a young girl!  One morning she asked us if she had to wear skirts for the rest of her life after her baptism and not watch TV or movies.  What?  Who told this to her??  Well, we cleared things up and she is so excited to be baptized!

E is the sister of an eternal investigator.  They both need to be married but they both looove the Church of Jesus Christ.  It is the biggest battle to get people married here, but we will work with them so much this month to get them baptized in JULY!! E, and her husband, S, and their children went to church for the first time yesterday and they loved it!  It is so awesome to be teaching a couple!  

I am just so grateful for the experiences that I am having here in my mission.  I would not trade them for anything.  The ward is really picking up the excitement of missionary work.  We asked all of the members that helped us during the week with teaching lessons or giving references to share their testimonies about their experience in the testimony meeting yesterday.  Almost all of them shared their experience and bore testimony!  It was so amazing to have a sacrament meeting to get everyone excited about sharing the gospel.  

I know that God is our Heavenly Father and that we are His children.  I am grateful forever for the sacrifice that the Savior gave to us.  Every single day I grow and I learn through the Atonement.  The sacrament is the most important meeting in the church and we need to learn how to use the sacrament every week!  Bishop Sidni taught something so interesting a few weeks ago.  When the Lord commanded all of the Jews to kill a lamb and smear the blood of the lamb on their door to protect them from the curse, they were showing God a sign that they were a different kind of people,  a covenant people.  We need to do the same today.  But the way that we show God we are a covenant keeping people is through how we keep the Sabbath day holy.  When we go to church every week, take the sacrament to renew our covenants, and when we go home and feed our spirits even more throughout the day, we are showing Him that we want to be saved, that we want to be His people.  

I wish all of you an awesome week filled with good and uplifting things!  Go to the temple!  Serve others!  Read the Book of Mormon!  And prepare yourselves for the sacrament!  I love you all!  

Sister Cordner xoxo

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