Monday, May 18, 2015

Week 33 -Guarulhos, São Paulo - May 18, 2015

Well, it feels like an eternity since I talked will you all on Mother's Day!  I hope all is well back at home and that everyone is happy and safe.  This week was a great one!  Sister Andrade and I have loved working together and we have learned so much together.  I will be transfered....again...I will go to Mooca in the middle of São Paulo!!!  President Andrew called us last night and I will be heading there today!  It has been a crazy weekend with a lot of changes, but everything will be great :) I have so much peace that when I do not know the reasons for some things, I just need to follow and be obedient and the Lord will bless me.  I am excited for one more adventure here in the mission!

This week we had an amazing little miracle.  When we were all in bed sleeping one night K, a young man in the ward, called at eleven o'clock wanting us to visit his friend the next morning at nine AM.  Ta bom, beleza.  So we got up the next morning and got ourselves ready and headed to the chapel - happy and punctual.  Well, right when we got to the church, he called and cancelled... OK... so we decided to pass by the market to buy a few things.  While we were walking down the street, I recognized a man that we talked to our first week here.  I do not know why or how I remembered him or his name but the Spirit helps us with things like that every day!  We began talking to him and we ended up talking about the restoration and how his family could be blessed with the gospel in his life.  He began crying and the Spirit was so strong.  We bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and how if we read it, we will be blessed in all areas of our lives.  When we gave him the Book of Mormon he was so excited and so happy.  I know that we were supposed to be where we were in that exact time!  Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.  

Okay Satan is so annoying!!  I swear every single time we teach the restoration (this has happened so many times) in the exact moment we want the investigator to feel the power of the first vision, every one and their dog wants to disrupt the Spirit!  Either the TV strangely turns off during the video, or someone calls, or the wife starts yelling, or the baby starts crying! My companion and I just look at each other in shock sometimes. haha it is great :)

Oh, I will miss Sister Andrade so much!  She is just the sassiest most animated brazilian woman that I have met.  She loves animals so much, more than humans, and you all know how I feel about animals...not my favorite thing in the world.  I cannot even tell you all how many dogs and cats are in the roads here.  It is crazy.  SHE LOVES ALL OF THEM.  One day we were walking on the street (when are we not?) and we passed a cute little dog and she started to talk about how cute it was and how she wanted to take him home.  When we passed him he looked up at us and his eye was completely taken out and the hole was stitched up.  He looked up so sadly and she about died, I was laughing so hard I could not even take it!  I will miss that woman.

My testimony of the Book of Mormon has grown so much this week.  When I read it every day I feel the love of my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.  I love to learn about the prophets of old and how strong they were in their beliefs.  I love to read about Ammon, Alma and the sons of Mosiah. They were amazing missionaries.  I love to testify of the Book of Mormon and share what I know to be true with everyone here.  I am so grateful for the prophet Joseph Smith and all that he sacrificed so that we can have the Book of Mormon today.  I love you all and I hope you all have an amazing week!!!  Read the Book of Mormon every single day!  

xoxo Sister Cordner

McKenzie and her MTC friends meet up.

McKenzie met Sister Lauren from Alpine who is serving in another mission in Sao Paulo meet at the temple.

Aerial view of Mooca

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