Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 34 -Moóca, São Paulo - May 25, 2015

Well family, I have something to say, but do not freak out because everything is just fine :) The reason that I have been here in Moóca for a week is because for one week in Presidente Dutra I was feeling my heart acting really strangely.  Every single heart beat I felt very strongly in my chest and head and any sudden movement my heart beat increased rapidly.  Also at times I felt very short of breath and like my heart was acting irregularly.  Strange no?  So I called Sister Andrew and they had me move to the big city for the week to do some tests on my heart.  After waiting in a very fancy hospital for SIX many people were there...they did an electrical test for a few seconds but in the moment I felt my heart acting normal... so the results were normal.  Soooooo, I had a 24 hour test done on my heart.  In the morning we traveled to Tatuapé and they put on the device. During the day my heart was going absolutely crazy.  It was so strange, but I am glad it picked up some good information.  But after the test was done, these past few days, I have not noticed anything strange.  Later today we will go back and pick up the results and I hope they will be normal!  So, just kidding I won't be staying here in Moóca, I am sorry that I did not tell you all about this last week, I was just scared that you (Mom and Dad) would be worried all week.  But now everything is fine and I will be going to a new area.  Probably here in the capital, to be close to Sister Andrew and the hospitals...haha.  

I can not even tell you all how much I have learned this week though.  The sisters here in Moóca are amazing.  We have been working with them every single day this week and with their investigators.  Sister Martinez is from Panama and she is my soul sister.  I really think we were such good friends in the pre-mortal life.  We have been teaching so many amazing people and it would be my DREAM to stay here and work with her!  We laugh so hard and she loves to sing too so we sing all day long.  It is the dream life with her.

This week back in Presidente Dutra J (14 years old) was baptized, V (14 years old) accepted to be baptized, and N is still going strong with her baptismal date.  Oh it has been so hard not to be in my own area with my own investigators, but I know that I needed to learn many lessons with Sister Martinez here about courage, love and dedication.  This week we have been teaching two different people who need to stop smoking.  I have seen very clearly the importance of humility and submissiveness.  J is so humble and is ready and willing to accept our help and the help of the Atonement and she is doing great with her goals!  But C comes up with excuses and denies any kind of help we offer her.  Until we become humble and submit to the will of the Lord, He can not make miracles in our lives.  This is true with any person.  I am so grateful for the example of J and how she has taught me to be willing and ready to change and be a better person.  

Here in Moóca there is such a difference in the social classes.  I have seen the saddest situations with some families we taught this week.  I wanted to take a picture so badly of where I stood in the dirtiest, leaky walkway with the most humble homes, and looking up I saw sky-scrapers filled with well-off families in their most comfortable apartments.  As a missionary I feel such a need of everyone having the opportunity to hear of and enjoy the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I am just so grateful and so humbled to know that I have been blessed with this wonderful blessing in my life.  It is everything to me to be able to share it with others.  So, tomorrow I will be heading off to a new area with a new companion...once again!!  I had a dream about Sister Johnson and I together so... ya never know haha!  

Please mama do not call to our mission office about my heart... haha I know you won't! I will be fine, and I feel totally normal now!  I felt very strongly yesterday that I just needed to be here for a week to learn many things from Sister Martinez!  I love you all and I am so proud that you guys have finished one more year of school!!! WOOHOO!! SUMMER!!!  And congrats Mitch for graduating Seminary!! Play really hard for me guys :)  I love you all and I wish you all a great week full of great things!

xoxo Sister Cordner

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