Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 26 -Guarulhos, São Paulo - March 30, 2015

NOSSA!  Mais uma semana já passou, e nós estamos quase entrando o mes de Abril!  Eu não acredito! (Another week has passed and we are almost entering into the month of April!  I can't believe it!  On Wednesday I have been out for six months, a third of my mission!  It is passing by so quickly!  But I still have one year to be a missionary :))

This week was amazing.  On Thursday I had the best day of my life.  Sister Johnson and I were all alone walking the streets in Brasil all day long.  We had divisions this week and for some reason someone thought it would be a great idea to put us together! Haha, not only did we survive but we had an amazing and spiritual day with our investigators here in Palmeiras.  Here in our area there is a huge beautiful bridge.  We were walking past and all of a sudden we saw a group of girls our age with blonde and red hair.  Not normal at all here in Brasil.  Seriously, these girls were so blonde that we needed to talk to them.  They for sure would know how to speek english.  We ran ahead and asked them where they were from.  They were all apart of a Bible school.  They had been in Bolivia for two months and were heading back to their home in Norway, but were passing through São Paulo for two days!  OH! It was SO much fun to talk to them!  They spoke english so well!  While we were talking, someone from their car threw a banana peel at us and it landed on one of their heads, it was so funny to hear them all start laughing and speaking in Norwegian... all I thought about was the video of the man in the icey South Pole getting so excited about cheese that movie for me please!! I was cracking up so much :)

Sister Cordner got to spend a whole day working with her MTC companion, Sister Johnson, this past week.

A wonderful woman in our ward passed a reference to us a few weeks ago, and we finally visited the family this week.  She is a nurse and had been taking care of a man named Rodrigo.  She shared the gospel with him and sent us his way.  He is amazing.  When he was three years old, he was diagnosed with a muscular disease and has been in his bed for more than twenty years.  He breaths through a tube in his throat and can only move his face.  We arrived at his house (which is beautiful) and when we entered his cozy room in the back, we were surrounded by the spirit.  He truly is a chosen son of God.  We taught him and his nurses the Plan of Salvation how he would be able to have a perfect body someday and be able to do everything he had ever imagined.  He speaks so quietly and it is hard to understand him but at the end of the lesson he whispered, "I believe it.  I believe everything you have told me."  The spirit once again confirmed to me the love that our Heavenly Father has for us.  Although Rodrigo cannot move, he is so happy.  He has a light in his eyes that very few people in this world have. What a privilege it is to be able to teach the true gospel of Jesus Christ to such a choice spirit.  It will be hard to find out a way for him to be baptized because of his physical conditions, but mark my words, HE WILL BE BAPTIZED!! We walked away edified and with so much peace.  God's plan is perfect and is filled with so much love.

I love you all and I wish you a wonderful conference weekend.  My heart swells when I think that I will be able to hear the prophet's voice this Saturday and Sunday!!  I am praying that it will be easy for me to understand the Português translation, and that I will be able to hear the answers to the questions that I have for the Lord.  Also, Happy Easter!  Let us all remember the sacrifice that the Savior made for us.  Only through Him we are able to live again spiritually and physically.  I love you all forever and ever!!

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo

Treicey was baptized yesterday!  She has been waiting a whole year for her husband to baptize her.  It was a beautiful baptismal meeting with the sun shining through the windows into the baptismal font.  We forgot to clean the font before church, so we were rushing in our skirts and bare feet scrubbing the font.  I slipped and fell and scratched up my leg and I have bruises all of over haha. It was a moment very magical I thought :)

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