Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 24 -Guarulhos, São Paulo - March 16, 2015

Bom dia minha família!  

Esta semana foi muito muito boa, mas passou um pouco devegar por causa das transferências!  Tenho uma nova companheira!!  This week was really, really great but a little slow because of transfers.  I have a new companion!!)  Her name is Sister Andrade, from Manaus, Amazonas! WOW!  haha she is absolutley my kind of woman.  We are such great friends already and we are working so hard!  She has been a member of the church for five years and only her and her mom are members in her family.  Seeing her on a mission and how much she loves the Lord and this work strengthens my testimony every day.  She has such a confidence that we are here with power and authority to teach the people here in São Paulo.  She is amazing.  It was a MIRACLE that we made it home after transfers.  I did not really know the way and her suitcases were sooooo heavy and broken.  You should have seen us dragging her suitcases down the broken up sidewalks, sweating and cutting our fingers on the handles because they were SO HEAVY!!  I was getting so ticked at the men that passed us and laughed at how much we were struggling. haha FAZ PARTE DA MISSÃO!  (That's part of the mission!) We love our ward and all of the members! I know that we will be able to do all of the work the Lord has for us here in Palmeiras together.  This morning we spent so much time deep cleaning our apartment, it feels so good to have everything spick and span!  SISTER JOHNSON IS IN MY ZONE!!!! We could not even believe it.  It was so happy when we heard!!!!

Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil

Well, yesterday was the impeachment of Dilma Roussef. (From what I read yesterday she was not impeached.  They say that there are no legal grounds to call for her impeachment.)  The area authority of Brasil had all of the members go directly home after church, and so we did also.  We drove by the the big march-riot thing. (We always get rides home from church.  It is great!)  There were so many people here in Guarulhos. I can not even imagine in São Paulo!  They were all dressed in Yellow and Green to represent Brasil, and all had posters. It was smaller than I thought it would be in Guarulhos!  

This week we have been really trying to help our investigators feel more ready for baptism.  In our district meeting on Tuesday our district leader (Elder Johnson from Minnesota) told us that if we would focus on baptism in our lessons and share powerful testimony that we would see progress in our areas and we would have baptisms!  MS has been making great progress. We have taught her everything and now are waiting for her to recieve an answer. On Friday we met with her and I asked her how she felt everytime we are in her home.  She broke down in tears and said that she felt so much peace and hope.  I told her that I knew she already had recieved an answer and that the path that the Lord has placed in front of her is the only way on the face of the earth that will lead her back to her Father in Heaven.  I felt the spirit so strongly.  I physically felt the Authority that I have to share and testify of the truth because of my calling.  I felt as if me and Sister Andrade were shining with light.  I felt a joy that was so pure and so beautiful.  I love how every time I share my testimony about the doctrines I know to be true, the Holy Ghost gives me yet another witness.  Every single day I am able to strengthen and nourish my own testimony while I am helping others find theirs.  As missionaries we are helping other spirits recognize again the truths that they already knew before this life.  Many people ask abstract and difficult questions and are not looking for spiritual answers but physical answers that the gospel is true.  But I can testify that spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers and we can only know that truth of all things through the quiet but powerful feelings of the spirit.  I have come to truly love and cherish my testimony.  My studies every morning have become so meaningful to me.  I love to read the words of the prophets and apply their great examples and doctrines to my own life and the lives of my investigators.  

I love you all so much, and I hope you all have a great week!!  Study the Book of Mormon and feel the power that it can have in your life!!

LOVE, Sister Cordner XOXO

Part of the marching crowd in downtown Sao Paulo.

That looks like more than the 210,000 that KSL said were marching in Sao Paulo!

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