Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 23 -Guarulhos, São Paulo - March 9, 2015

Mama, I found a plumeria tree and now every time I pass it I smell all of the flowers and think of you :) I love you!

Hello Family and Friends, Boa Tarde!

I hope your week was amazing, and filled with great things!  Here in Brasil the people are getting very anxious.  We still have a big problem with not having enough water, the prices of pretty much everything are sky rocketing and everyone is angry and done with the government.  This week there will be an impeachment of Dilma (o presidente do Brasil).  On the fifteenth, all of us missionaries will have to stay in our houses.  There might be riots nas ruas and people doing who knows what.  I hope everything will pass over smoothly.  All I know is that I am tired of hearing all of the same political talk in our lunches with the members!  They are all just so nervous and some very anxious to leave the country.  

Well MS went to church with us, not yesterday but the week before, as you all know.  When we talked with her on Tuesday she said that she DID NOT LIKE CHURCH.  What?  I was so confused.  Sometimes the people we teach just are not ready to recieve an answer.  But, she has been doing really well with smoking!  She used to smoke two packages of cigarettes every day, but the other day she only smoked six cigarettes!! Oh I just know that she is recieving strength from Heavenly Father to change her life.  I will never ever give up on her.  I will help her to the end to stop smoking, repent of her sins, develop faith in Christ and be baptized.  I am determined to do everything I can for her to recieve that saving ordinance.  We returned on Friday to her home, and she was so glad to see us.  She thought that we had given up on her because she did not like church.  But NO, we will never give up :)  We showed her so much love and gave comforting words.  She knows that the church is true, I know it, she just is not recognizing it!  

We also had a very special zone meeting this week.  We were taught and counseled that we need to work principally with the members in our wards.  Everything we do with them needs to be focused on our work of saving souls.  When we talk with them in their homes, when we talk with them in their cars, when they give us rides, when we sit at the table with them to eat, in church, on the road, with their children, on the phone, always.  We need to be totally focused on this work and helping the members catch the wave of missionary service as well.  The members in our ward are so wonderful and I am so grateful to be here to help them have missionary experiences.  

Our last zone meeting together :( It has been so much fun with them! 

This week we had a miracle!   We were going to a members home to do what our leaders asked of us: to ask for references, and get her excited about talking to her friends about the church. As we were arriving she was coming home as well.  Sister Saavedra needed to use the bathroom badly, but her toilet was randomly clogged and could not be fixed.  She remembered a less active family that lived in the same apartment building and called to see if we could use her bathroom.  She accepted, and we went down a few floors to her home.  When Saavedra was in the bathroom, Adrianna broke down and started to cry saying that she was praying with all of her heart to her Heavenly Father in the kitchen only a few minutes earlier for help.  She has been having difficult times with her husband and in their home and she needed help.  When she finished her prayer, the phone rang, and it was us asking to use her bathroom.  I was able to testify of the Sacrament and the power of the Atonement.  I felt the Spirit so strongly helping me not only with my Português, but also to know exactly what to say to her and the words that would make her think and comfort her heart.  I testify that when we do what our leaders ask, no matter what it is, God will recognize our obedience and He will bless us.  We all have leaders that have power and authority over us, to recieve revelation for us and our lives.  I testify that this is how God wants His church to be.  I am so grateful for my District Leaders and my Zone Leaders that I have had.  They are all great Elders, representatives of Jesus Christ, that are doing their best to exercise their authority to help the work go on.

I love you all, and please keep praying for MS.  She needs to recognize that what she has been feeling is from the Holy Ghost and that she already knows that this is the path God wants for her and her family.  Thank you for all of your loving words!! I love you all so much!! xoxo

Sister Cordner

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