Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 17 - Last Day in Suzano/Transfers - January 26, 2015

Last Sunday at church in Suzano. Little Rebecca (Bishop's daughter) wanted to take a picture of me.


Bom dia família!

I am being transfered!!! And I do not know what to think!! This life in Suzano is the only life I know here in Brasil! It has been such an amazing experience with so many amazing people.  I have definitely grown leaps and bounds during these three months.  I am so excited to have new experiences as well!  I know that my Heavenly Father will be with me all along the way.  He will take me by the hand, lead me, guide me, and walk beside me as I serve in His work.  I have so much faith that the future is so bright.  We have so much to do today with packing, saying goodbye to members and just feels so strange! 

Elder Sellers and Elder Matos had a baptism yesterday!  Sharing a ward and practically working in the same area as them has been amazing.  We get to share stories and pretty much share investigators.  We have taught this family with them a few times and they have such an amazing story.  Alessandro is half Italian and half Brazilian, his wife as well is, and they have one son.  Alessandro loves to learn English.  He was on Facebook one day and saw that a mormon church had an english class taught by american missionaries here in Brasil.  He looked up the address for the closest chapel and showed up at church one day asking about an english class.  That same week Elder Sellers felt inspired to start an english class.  It is such a miracle how perfectly everything worked out.  Our Father in Heaven is so detailed and so perfect.  Alessandro loves the gospel so much and his wife and son are also working toward baptism, although it took four dunks to completely baptize him :) He will be an amazing priesthood leader one day and a great blessing to our ward.  What a great last Sunday it was here in Suzano!

We will travel to the Mission Office tomorrow morning... Sister Zanni will be training again this transfer.  I will find out where I am going in front of all the people being transfered.  How they do transfers in our mission is so stressful!!  Did I tell you all that I finished my training?! haha I still feel so new and so unable at times but then I remember that God calls his weak and simple to do His work and I feel much better :)  AAAANd... I have been dreaming in Portuguese for a few weeks now, weird but so cool! 

I love you all and I hope you are all doing great!! I love to hear all of the news and all of the funny things that happen!  

XOXO Sister Cordner

P.S. OH YEAH I FORGOT... We were walking down the cobble street little roads one day this week, and a truck, that was pretty much made of wood and was full of hay, drove by.  The bottom of the truck hit the road a little and made a spark.  the bottome of the truck burst into flames.  We almost died of fear, and we were waiting for an explosion!! I was yelling SAI! SAI! (Ken said this means LEAVE! LEAVE! I'm not quite sure what she meant by that? Leave the truck? Leave us so we don't get blown up? haha!) Another car started to honk like crazy at the driver.  The truck stopped and when he stopped all of the flames went out.  wow, what a miracle.  We traded roads and kept walking in pretty much shock.  

Bispo Rafael and his cute little family...I am going to miss them so much! His wife Cherleine, and children Rebecca, Sara and Samuel. 

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