Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 67 - SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - January 11, 2016 - Small and simple things.


Today I am really struggling to know what to write about.  In my head, all the days are mixing into one big day!  But, I will try my best to make this email worth reading :)  Ah, Elder Cordner is just so hilarious these days :)

I absolutely loved what President Silcox wrote me this week.  I had expressed to him my feelings and frustrations with my spiritual growth.  Sometimes we feel like we are either staying on the same level, or even becoming a bit spiritually numb despite our hard work and effort. My wise mission President responded, "Life can be very challenging at times, even when we are doing our very best to be obedient and serve with all our heart, might, mind, and strength. But these can be times of great spiritual growth. If you have ever started a new intense exercise program you know how much your body can hurt as it is growing new muscles. The same happens with our spirits as we experience "spiritual growing pains". As you and Sister Swindler experience these days of spiritual growing pains just think about how much stronger you will be in the future if you just keep "exercising"" I have been pressed and pulled through this cycle of spiritual exercises, but how I am grateful! 

Can I just say that lessons with members present are just the most amazing things in the world?  I am so grateful for so many members that are willing to sacrifice a little bit of their time for the Lord's work.  We are now seeing so much progress with our dear C3.  She is so exicted about baptism, and all of her confusing catholic doubts are starting to turn into a burning flame of a testimony.  She was so happy at church yesterday with three of her grandchildren that she brought with her.  She really has so much responsibility with her family members, but I know that she is doing her best to put the Lord and His will first in her life.  BATISMO!!  Pray that she will be able to feel the same desire to be baptized throughout the week!

C2 is starting to hide from us.  Really every time we go to her home, we feel like her thirst to learn is growing smaller and smaller.  Sometimes investigators just need a little space to have the spirit work, and to see the difference between life in the world, and life close to the Savior.

C1 is now going onto her 4th Sunday at church!  She is really liking it, and was literally just waiting for someone to help her find the straight and narrow path.  She is still a little hesitant about her baptism, but is showing such sincere desire to know for sure if it is the Lord's will for her.  

We were able to make a few great street contacts this week.  A woman named F that lives with her three children, and four of her nieces and nephews whose mother died from cancer four months ago.  We were able to testify briefly of how the gospel blesses our families and how the Plan of Salvation is God's gift for His children.  We will hopefully be able to teach her tonight.  What a blessing the scriptures have been for me this past week.  I feel my Heavenly Father talking with me through the words of the ancient and living prophets.  I know that when I search, I will find.  When I knock, He will always open unto me.  I love you guys and I pray for you all daily!  Have a great week!  

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo  Alma 37:6-7

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