Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 65 - SÃO JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - December 21, 2015 - FELIZ ANO NOVO!!!!

Wasn't Christmas just magical?!  I absolutely LOVED talking with my wonderful family.  It was the best present I could ask for.  Only 6 more months and I'll talk with Elder Cordner as well :)  Well the rest of the week was great!  There is not that much more to share that I didn't already say.  But we did see a wonderful miracle Saturday and Sunday!! 

The members have been passing many referrals these past few weeks and one of them the stake President, Pres. Mauri passed to us.  (Dad actually taught and baptized his family.)  He gave us his mother-in-law's address, and on Saturday we headed out to meet her.  The last time she had missionaries in her home, her daughter was being taught, which is a long time ago.  Last week she went to a ward activity with her daughter and someone gave her a Book of Mormon.  She hadn't started to read it, but she wanted to know more.  She did not even remember about Joseph Smith!  All of her daughters go to different churches and really she is confused about which church she should join. It was the perfect setting to feel the spirit.  We explained very simply to her about the Book of Mormon and her eyes just got bigger and bigger as we explained.  We invited her to go to church the next day, and she went!!  She went all alone, took the bus early and was the first person at church!  Oh we were so happy!  It would be wonderful if she would be baptized!  She is such a wonderful woman, so sweet and sincere.  

Funny Story:  We were just starting the lesson and Sister Swindler and I had full glasses of water in our hands.  I reached down to pet her tiny dog, when he barked and almost bit my hand.  We jumped up and all the water went EVEYWHERE.  Oh my,  I was so embarrassed!  We laughed the entire bus ride home.  

C (her son is a member and serving a mission right now) went to church!!  Oh, it was a Christmas miracle!  I guess she really was inspired by skyping her son on Christmas and promised him she'd go. 

The studies that Sister Swindler and I have together are amazing.  I am learning so much during these last months of my mission.  Really I feel my testimony burning stronger than ever.  I know that we are children of a loving Heavenly Father.  Just as a caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, a puppy can turn into a dog, or a chick can turn into a hen, we have the divine potential and nature of our Heavenly Father. Are we working to become like Him? This is His work and His glory, but are we on-board?  Is His goal our goal?  If it is, then we should be trying our best to live His gospel, and follow the example of His Son.  But, if we are not, we need to bend our knees and ask Him where we need to start.  I testify that He always will recieve us with open arms if we do.  He never gets tired of us, doubts us or leaves our side.  If we ask Him to help us see this divine potential, He can show us.  I know that the temple is everything in His plan.  It is there that we can be closer to Him and feel more powerfully His love.  I cannot wait until I will be able to go more frequently to His house.  I love you all, and I wish you all a wonderful new year!  Let us remember His love for us and our divine potential as we begin a new year and start our new goals!  I LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER!

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo

Christmas Eve Dinner
The City Park on Christmas Day!

An awesome scene!

At the City Park..

And a Capivara......we don't have these in the US of A

And mom, I made the cheesecake brownies on Christmas that you sent!  
They were a big hit with the Brazilians ;)

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