Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 42 - Jundiapeba, São Paulo - July 20, 2015

E and L, the couple in the middle.

What an amazing week it has been!!  I am so grateful I have the chance to tell you all about it!

At the beginning of this week, I was really feeling inadequate and I was listening to Satan's lies!!!  I decided to fast and prepare myself to have our regular interviews with President Silcox. I sat down with him and let me tell you all, I have never in my entire life met a man more happy or pure.  While I was speaking with him, I really felt like I was hearing words from my Heavenly Father.  He was so inspired to tell me the most simple and true words that I needed to hear.  I left with a new mind-set and an eternal perspective.  

E and L were baptized and confirmed this week.  It was probably the happiest moment and night of my entire mission!!  The wonderful members planned a surprise for them.  They made a wedding cake and a feast of snacks.  Bishop Sidnei talked about marriage and baptism for a few minutes before the baptism, and then they were baptized!!  L is very tall, so the splashes made the most beautiful sound in the world.  I felt the sweetest spirit.  When the members surprised them after L began to cry and they loved it.  Everyone is now a member of the church in their family and they want so badly to enter into the temple one day.  

This week we will be working hard with 5 incomplete families in the ward. As a ward council, we felt like these 5 families will be able to progress and we will be able to baptize those who are not members.  I am very excited to work with the members more and more.  

This week in our zone meeting we talked a lot about the Sons of Mosiah.  Okay, they are so amazing.  They served for 14 years, had to hunt for their own food, were teaching those that wanted to kill them, and they were extremely obedient.  For sure they had many many dificulties and sad times, but they never gave up their faith.  They always looked to the Lord and trusted in Him.  Oh, how I want to be like them and be a better instrument in the Lord's hands!  I know I can do better this week!  We need your prayers that we can teach these 5 families with power and authority.  I have so much faith that we will be able to help these families be complete!

Thank you all so much for your emails, love and prayers.  I love you all so much!!  Sorry for the grammar and spelling, I really have forgotten all my English... (I always try to clean it up as best I can.)

xoxo Sister Cordner

I asked McKenzie some questions this past week and she answered me!!

How many missionaries in the mission?  How many of them are sisters? There are about 180 missionaries.  I don't know how many sisters, but 33 will go home in august.  
What is your favorite Brazilian dish? I love rice and beans.  I don't think i can live without when i get home.  I love also estroganoffe (I'm pretty sure this is beef stroganoff and I've made it for her before) Ask dad to explain it to you, and all of the fruits!!!!!!
What is your favorite Book of Mormon story? I LOVE the sons of Mosiah - Alma 17.  They are my greatest examples as missionaries.  
What food do you miss the most from home? I miss hawaiian haystacks, baked potatoes, yellow curry, haha, and EVERYTHING!!! mashed potatoes and gravy, and vegetables, no one eats vegetables here.  
What was your favorite area? It was the hardest thing in the world to leave Palmeiras.  I loved it there so much.  
What has been the hardest thing to see in your mission? I have seen so many sad and scary things that I do not know which to choose!!  A mom screaming at everyone on the street, and her little boy with the saddest face being dragged along.  He did not even have shoes.  This was last night. I wanted to help so bad.
What is your favorite hymn to sing in Portuguese? I love all of the hinos!!!  
What do you make for yourself to eat at night? I do not get very hungry at night... but I sometimes eat fruit, popcorn or ramen... haha!!  
Do you have an oven? Do you ever use it? we have an oven and a little stove, but we rarely use it! 

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  1. Sister Cordner é maravilhosa, e em pouco tempo ja amo, posso sentir o espirito quando estou com ela!!