Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 28 -Guarulhos, São Paulo - April 13, 2015

Okay this is our beautiful river (haha right) it reeks so bad and we always have to pass it!!! ugggghhh

OH MAN. Another week has gone by and another week has arrived!  The last week of transfers and who knows?? President Andrew has been very unpredictable these days, maybe there will be a change!  I DO NOT want to leave this area, I love the members so much and my companion is the best.  I hope we will stay together :) This week was pretty great.  We were able to contact and have great lessons with people that we have been trying to get into contact with for centuries.  Seriously M is a young man that we have been trying to meet with for weeks and this week we decided to try one last time.  He was home!  We shared with him the restoration and he understood everything perfectly in about ten minutes...perfect!  He told us, "Of course God would put prophets again on the earth.  It makes so much sense!" He is so kind and I pray and hope that he will choose to progress!

This Sunday was an amazing day!  We had contacted a woman that was sitting on the curb on Saturday, taught her the restoration and she went to church on Sunday with her son!  Also, there was a woman walking down the road Jose Triglia (where our church is) and she was looking for a church to attend.  An Irmã said to her "Why don't you just come to my church?"  Both of these women went and both loved it!  The sad part is that they do not live in our area so we will have to pass them to the Elders :) But it is so cool to see all of the little miracles that our Heavenly Father makes!

The members here in Palmeiras are prime.  They are always wanting to help us and treat us like princesses!  We had an amazing Family Night/Lesson with N (Investigator) who we have been working with for a while now, E (WIfe/Member) and a couple in our ward and their children.  We talked about eternal families and the temple sealing and also how we do not recieve our conversion in one day.  Every single day we are learning and becoming more and more converted to the Restored Gospel.  He understood everything and is so excited to be a member.  He is drinking Cevada instead of Café!  (Cevada has the taste of coffee but has no caffine)  Even with all of the headaches and the big change of religions, N is going to be baptized on Sunday!!  They are a beautiful family.  He decided to leave a life of attending the Catholic church every week because of a few doubts he had about their doctrine.  He felt that it just was not right.  We have been teaching him ever since and the birth of his little baby girl was the touch he needed to soften his heart and accept the gospel as truth.  He is so awesome and will be a great addition to the ward family :)

It is so true that we are working on our own conversion every single day.  Every day I need to feel the truth of the doctrines I am teaching.  I am so grateful the through my scripture studies, bearing testimony and loving others, I am able to feel again and again that it is true.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is everything to me!  I challenge one and all to do something every day to strengthen your testimony and
to be a little bit more converted to the Gospel every day.  I love you all and I am dying to know where Mitch will be going!!  Seriously everytime I think of it I feel like my heart will burst!!!!  BRASIL IS THE PLACE MAN!!!  I hope you all have a great week! I send my love and prayers your way!!

Love, Sister Cordner xoxo

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